We built our home and farm from the ground up. Sustainable homesteading is our number one goal we wanted to achieve for our family and our home business.

Soap Box Kitchen is a small farm which uses it goats milk to produce a high quality goat milk soap. Our goat soaps are one of a kind in the market today, offering all the benefits of natural farm fresh goats milk. It really speaks for itself, as customers start to use our soaps on a daily bases. Most people who use our soaps, start to notice a difference in there skin right away.

Goats milk soap when made with whole goats milk, which is at the top of the ladder in soaps, and stands alone when it comes to your skin care. The sensation one experiences from our goats milk soap, leaves a long and lasting impression that changes the way most people think about the soaps they use.

The most questions asked is about the lather. Here at Soap Box Kitchen I spend a great amount of time researching this. I feel that this is the most important sensation that people look for is lather and conditioning. The other sensation is the creamy texture of the lather, which needs to feel like milky butter on the skin. To achieve this I must work in all the oils to benefit the full spectrum of goats milk.

In the past, a lot of soapers have produced soaps that have little or no lather or being brittle, giving goat soap and handmade soaps a bad name. A good soap company producing the highest quality soaps will not sell this soap. Here at Soap Box Kitchen I sell soap that will give all of the best benefits of goats milk soap in one bar.