Blackberry Passion
The fresh smell of ripe Blackberrys with Cassis
blended with Bergamont and warm Amber to 
bring out the full fragrance
Stormy Night
This fragrance combines hints of leafy green 
with notes of Hyacinth and Heather to create 
this master sentsation.
Lavender Dreams
The True calming,soothing effect of 
lavender will give you peace of mind
and helps relax you from stress.
The powerhouse of the 60's will bring back
memories and give the comfort of earthly
Sandalwood & Patchouli.
Baby Bee
With the luscious smell of vanilla and sweet
tones of baby powder topped of with butter milk
will bring on peace and tranquility.
Sweet Rose
The sweet smell of roses with
 tones of wild flowers
creates this masterpiece.
Tree Of Life
Here is a simple but great soap,made with
Tea tree oil, this will add power to your 
daily cleansing.
Apple Royale
The full body of sweet apples with watermelon,strawberry and peach added with a touch of vanilla.
Festival of lights
Cinnamon blended with gala apple adding some
lemon rind then topping it off with nutmeg.
Mystic Enchantment
Beautiful with its fragrance and color comes this powerful enchanting smell of violet and jasmine embodied with citrus.
Mother Earth
This earthy fragrance is perfect giving 
the sweet smell of dirt.
 Great for hunters
Sweet Georgia
This fragrance will bring back the feeling
of sweet-honeysuckle to your bath.
Honeysuckles in bloom.

Truly Patchouli
The true smell of the 70's comes alive
once again in this earthly fresh smell of patchouli.
Star Of Bethlehem
Straight from the holy lands comes this 
awesome fragrance of Frankincense and Myrrh that will soothe the soul.
Sunny Supreme
The clean smell of lemon and citrus with this beautiful swril will give the feeling of cleanliness
to your body.
Angles Breath
An uplifting fragrance blended with white lilies
and pink jasmine adding a touch of warm 
sandal wood will set the mood.
Mountain Meadow
The pure fragrance of mountain meadow
combines the rich aroma of mint with a touch
of lemon grass.
Clove Bud
The deep rich Smell of clove to help you feel
upbeat and safe.
Ready for meditation,this power house will put 
you there with the fragrance of nag champa and
Out Back
Let the power of eucalyptus start your day
with its uplifting power.
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Natural oils in every bar:
Sweet Almond
Shea Butter
Essential Oils

Bar Dimensions
3.25 x 1 x 2.5 in
4 - 5 ounces